• Hides & skins carefully selected

    Hides & skins carefully selected

    with top quality

    Monday - Friday     08:30 am - 17:30 pm

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  • Choose Colortex' textiles

    Choose Colortex' textiles

    and come into a world of colors

    Monday - Friday     08:30 am - 17:30 pm

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    quality, availability and reliability

    Monday - Friday     08:30 am - 17:30 pm

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We are a young and active Company that, as convey by our name, we believe in the worth of the people, because  people make the difference.

Marina Loscalzo

CEO of Goodwill



  1. friendly or helpful feelings towards other people or countries;
  2. friendly, helpful, or cooperative feelings or attitude;
  3. the good relationship between a business and its customers that is calculated as part of its value when it  is sold;
  4. goodwill, willingness;
  5. the established reputation of a business regarded as a quantifiable asset and calculated as part of its value when it is sold;
  6. benevolence, kindness, charity, favour, goodwill.
  7. goodwill, benevolence, kindness,  favor, charity
  8. to set to work with goodwill

a full well-selected network of people all over the world

Our Team of coworkers

everyone with its own different background brings added value to our business by putting all the good will, energy and correctness in what it does.

A common denominator

in our staff there is a common denominator: good sense, responsibility, optimism, and to put the best efforts to carry out every project.

Our reputation is our strenght, our strength is the added value to what we offer.

Our services

Wet salted cattle hides

Our customers know that our researchs' services lloking for  the [...]

Wet salted Bellies & Trimmings

Representative pictures of wetsalted cow and bulls' bellies and wet salted [...]

Wet Blue &  Wet White Leathers

Even though we mainly deal  with wet salted European and East European cattle [...]

COLORTEX fabrics

Below you can find a small part of the wide range of Colortex' articles: [...]

trust of our Customers is our best guarantee.

service image

Our reputation
is our strength.


21 feb

Please visit our booth  Colortex in Milan to see our  new collection Spring/Summer 2024!

Please send your request now

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